About Yerala Project Society

Who we are

Yerala Projects Society is a registered Non Governmental Organisation ( NGO ), Working for the poor and needy people in underdeveloped areas of Sangli district.


To Support deprived families to satisfy their basic needs, build self sustaining community, bring all underdeveloped elements of the community in the stream of development.


YPS envisioned the development of under privileged sections of society by keeping their culture, wisdom, self-esteem and self-respect in tact.

The Out Look, Aims and Objectives of YPS

The YPS sees rural development as a complex activity requiring an open-minded attitude, multiplicity of objectives and a mix of interventions. It believes that rural poverty in India is the consequence of a cluster of causes-ecological, economic, social and political.

The aims of the organisation are :

  • To assist people to improve their condition in economic, health, social and educational aspects;
  • To give extension services in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, artificial insemination, marketing of local produce.
  • To help poor farmers in land development and maximum utilization of land water resources;
  • To train volunteers in economic, social, health and educational activities relevant to the area.
  • To support self-employment activities of the needy families in the area.
  • To give humanitarian relief and services to people in need.
  • To make the organization financially self- reliant.
  • To support other NGOs formal/ Informal groups for the socio economic development of needy people.